New Members

New Members

  • Are you new to the Area ? – maybe been relocated?
  • Would relish participating in local challenges (for charity)?
  • Happy socialising – with maybe a wee drink & meal every fortnight?
  • Enjoy giving back to your community?
  • Don’t want to be involved in any secret societies or bound by tiresome rules and regulations?STOP PRESS – Fantastic Opportunity that won’t last forever…
  • If you are under 26 years old then you will receive 2 years membership – free
  • If you are a former or current member of the armed forces and under 45 years old you will receive 6 months membership – free

Our members like to do all of the above and we like to have a bit of fun whilst doing it too – we are an especially laid back Round Table association and seek the company of more likeminded individuals who could compliment our happy adventures with regular outdoor an indoor pursuits.

If your interested we’ll be happy to make you most welcome to The Round Table 611 – Stamford & District.

Who joins and why?

The members of Round Table come from all walks of life and join for a variety of reasons – perhaps as a gateway to relaxation and to enjoyment, or as a way of participating in the local community. It is, of course, an ideal way for those who have moved into a new area to find new friends of a similar age.
Membership of Round Table helps to create confidence and character. The individual learns quickly to mix and ‘haveago’ at helping to organise and run meetings and events. The organisation is run by and for Tablers as a hobby.

How do I become a member?

After attending as a guest for a time, potential members are invited to join. There are no barriers regarding one’s political, religious, occupational or marital status and the only qualification is to be male, over 18 and under 45.

What about the costs and commitment involved?

There is an annual subscription fee and you pay for your nights entertainment & meal.

Interested in meeting up?

If you are interested then please contact us and we will invite you to our next meeting